OB-GYN ultrasound or the obstetrics and gynecology, is one of the most widely used applications for ultrasound scanning. KeeboMed Inc. has the finest systems that provide accurate diagnoses and incredible imaging.

The ultrasound systems are useful from pregnancy to childbirth; help to keep the track of the mother and the baby during the entire pregnancy period; and also detect and diagnose any fertility or reproductive issues in females.

If you have any query or question, call or contact us and our experts will assist to meet all your ultrasound requirement. We offer 30 days refund policy and finance options at the time of purchase.

SonoScape A6

25 reviews

From $4,699.00

SonoScape S2 with 4D

No reviews

From $13,000.00

Chison Q5 with 4D

3 reviews

From $12,999.00

Chison ECO 1

13 reviews

From $3,499.00

Chison ECO 3

No reviews

From $6,999.00

Chison Q9 With 4D

No reviews


Chison ECO 5

1 review

From $8,999.00

Chison Q5

3 reviews

From $9,999.00

Chison Q9

No reviews

From $13,399.00

SonoScape S2

No reviews

From $10,500.00

Chison ECO 2

No reviews


Chison ECO 6

No reviews