Mixed Vet Practice

We have ultrasounds for all kinds of animals. From domesticated animals, farm animals both big and small, cattle and others. For such versatile application, you need ultrasound equipment which is multi-functional. 

We have a variety of mixed practice ultrasound systems like Kaixin KX5000V, SonoScape A6V, Chison ECO-1 and more.


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On Sale from $5,399.99

SonoScape A6V

25 reviews

From $4,699.00

Chison ECO-1Vet

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From $3,499.00

Chison ECO2VET

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Chison ECO-3Vet

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From $6,999.00


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From $8,999.00

Chison ECO6VET

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iSonoTouch 20V

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From $3,999.00

Chison Sonobook VET

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Chison EBit 60 Vet

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Chison Ebit50 VET

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KeeboSono C7 Veterinary CW CD

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$16,999.00 $11,999.00


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KX5600V LED Screen DICOM

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From $3,999.00